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    Here’s the quick video tutorial on how to purchase Apollo Group TV using Cashapp


    Step by step instructions on how to purchase Apollo Group TV using Cashapp


    1- Open your Cash app and in the home screen click on “Buy Bitcoin”

    Apollo cash app 1

    2- Buy the amount of the plan that you are trying to purchase


    2- Click the paper airplane button to send bitcoin

    Apollo cash app 6

    5. Click the box icon in the top left corner

    Apollo ScreenCryoti 5

    6. Click PASTE ADDRESS button OR you can scan the QR code that is in the checkout page of our website above

    Apollo ScreenCryoti 6

    7. The wallet address from our website will be copied over to you Cash app

    Apollo ScreenCryoti 7
    8. Enter the amount for subscription + the additional fee (see next step for fee amount)
    Apollo ScreenCryoti 8
    9. Select the withdrawal speed (fee) [Priority, Rush, or Standard] (*Note Standard speed can take up to 24 hours to send)
    Apollo ScreenCryoti 9
    10. Click the X button in the top right corner
    Apollo ScreenCryoti 10
    11. Enter the new amount including the fee to the original amount and then click the SEND button
    Apollo ScreenCryoti 11
    12. Click Confirm and Send button at the bottom right
    Apollo ScreenCryoti 12
    Finally the amount will be transfered to us and we will begin by fulfilling your order right away! 
    IMPORTANT: Please email us at [email protected] for additional assistance.
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